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Use Stipple in Virtual Reality

If you want to visualize your Stipple-ized point clouds in your VR headset, it is possible!

Import Unity's XR packages

  1. Go to Window>Package Manager
  2. Search for XR plugin management and XR Interaction toolkit packages in this window.
  3. Install the packages

XR Interaction Toolkit documentation

For more information about XR Interaction Toolkit, you can find the Unity documentation here :

Using Oculus headset

Oculus Rift can be used if you install the following package:

  1. Go to Window>Package Manager
  2. Search for Oculus XR plugin
  3. Install this package and close Package Manager.
  4. Go to Edit > ProjectSettings
  5. Click on "XR management plugin" and check Oculus.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest will only be supported if you use an Oculus Link, or an application like Virtual Desktop. Standalone Oculus Quest is not supported yet.

Setup teleportation interaction

In Unity's hierarchy, right click:

  1. XR > select Device based > open Room-Scale XR Rig / Stationary XR Rig
  2. XR > select Device based > open Locomotion System
  3. In your locomotion system: In the snap turn provider script, unroll controller. Set Size to 2 and complete with your controllers.


Finally, setup a geometry that will act as a navigation mesh for your teleport system.

  1. Create a plane, and place it "on the ground" of your point cloud
  2. Add Teleportation area as a component of your ground

Enjoy your point cloud in Virtual Reality!