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What is a Point Cloud?

It is a set of data points in three dimensions coordinate system. These points are defined by their x, y, z coordinates in general and are used to represent the face of an object.

Why the name?

“To stipple” means to draw or paint something using small spots or marks. If you want to live the full experience, you can pronounce the name with a cute French accent, since we proudly develop this tool in Paris.

Which platforms does Stipple support?

We only support Windows platform for now.

What is the difference between Stipple and PiXYZ?

Stipple is specialized in point cloud import. It provides more dedicated tools for point cloud and can manage a nearly unlimited number of points thanks to its out-of-core technology. Stipple can work alongside PiXYZ so you can mix point cloud and CAD models in your Unity project.

Which version of Unity Editor do you support?

We support Unity Editor 2019.4 and beyond.

Do I need Unity Pro to use Stipple?

Unity Pro is not required to use Stipple.

Can I watch my point cloud in Virtual Reality?

Yes! Thanks to Unity platform, you can use SteamVR or OpenXR standard package to display your point cloud in a VR headset. Our shaders are fully compatible with VR platforms.

Can I use color grading and post-process?

Yes! Stipple is compatible with Unity PostProcess package, so feel free to tune the colors and add fancy bloom effects to perfect your beautiful point cloud.

Can I build an application with my point cloud?

Yes, you do not need any additional license to build and distribute your application made with Unity and Stipple. We only require a license when you import and use Stipple's tools in Unity Editor.

In File>Build Settings choose the target platform and architecture you need. If your target platform is Windows, you should build your application for 64-bit architecture. Depending on your Unity version this parameter will be displayed as x86_64 (for Unity2019/2020) or Intel 64-bit for Unity2021+.

Does it use cloud?

No. Your data stay in your computer, and you do not need to use cloud for Stipple.

Can I use this to make awesome videos, with fast travelling and complex camera motions?

Yes! Stipple works well with Cinemachine plugin, which will allow you to fine tune camera movement and produce a very professional looking video.

I have a problem, who can I contact?

You can send us a mail at It could be useful to include any information that will allow us to help you, like a specific error message, screenshots, or even point cloud file.

Can I develop my own tools on top of Stipple?

Yes! You can develop your own tools in Unity platform, to add any specific features that you have in mind.

Can I have a trial version?

Yes, we offer a 7 days trial version. Do not hesitate to reach us at so we can deliver your trial version and guide you during the software evaluation.